Booking Rules

These booking rules are based on encouraging transition to the use of this system from the paper based method for booking courts. These will be reviewed in Summer 2016 and rules may change and charges may be introduced.

  • Booking Courts
    • There are no court booking fees.
    • Members may book up to 8 days in advance.
    • The squash coach may book up to 15 days in advance.
    • The new booking sheet becomes available daily at 7 am (all other booking sheets are available 24/7).
    • The member who books the court should select playing partners/opponents to show on the booking sheets -- on the day playing, the system will send a "Booking Reminder" to both the Member who booked the court and your nominated playing partner(s)/opponent(s).
    • Off-Peak and Corporate Standard members may only use the courts at off-peak times. Associate, Full and Corporate Plus members can book any court.
    • Peak times are Monday - Friday from 6 pm onwards, all other times are off-peak.
    • There are no court booking fees.
  • Late-Cancellation policy:
    • When unable to play, Members should cancel as soon as possible.
    • The system will log a late-cancellation when booking is cancelled within 48 hours. However, this log is automatically deleted as soon as the same court (date and start time) is re-booked.
    • Currently, there are no penalties for incurring late-cancellations.
  • Check-in / No-show policy:
    • The member who booked the court must check-in on the kiosk system to confirm court usage.
    • You must know your system PIN in order to check-in. You can find and change your PIN when logged into the booking system website (click "My Settings" on the left side of the page).
    • The check-in must be done within an hour prior and up to 5 minutes after the court start-time.
    • Failure to check-in at will automatically log the booking as a "no-show".
    • No-shows are automatically logged within the system.
    • Currently, there are no penalties for no-shows.
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